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This is a site for new and existing finch breeders to obtain information on finch species, diets, housing and aviary management. 

I'm an Australian breeder of native and exotic finches which are my lifelong interest. My name is Graham Bull and with outstanding support from my wife Leonie, I maintain a fairly large finch collection on the North Coast of New South Wales near Coffs Harbour. I breed a range of species from common to rare including various waxbills, avadavats, pytilias, parrotfinches, grassfinches, munias and siskins.

I commenced finch breeding in 1974 as a six year old starting out with a pair each of Cordons, Ruddies and Auroras which my dad bought for my brother and I. Since then I have kept and bred the vast majority of finch species available in Australia with varying degrees of success and have had to deal with numerous problems along the way.

Apart from being a supplier of quality finches, I particularly hope this site becomes a useful source of information on many aspects of finch aviculture to anybody who shares my interest. The contents of the articles are based entirely on my own opinions, perspectives and experiences so I don't expect everyone will fully agree with everything I have to say and I welcome any questions, feedback and differing ideas

All photos on this website are ones I have taken of my birds in my aviaries.